Many rakes, connected to a high strength & endless type chain, are circulating on the central positioned screen and on another lower front positioned screen for removing the waste sewage. When the lakes are circulating on the lower front positioned screen, they are contacting the back face of the screen as removing the waste sewage, accumulated back the screen. When circulating on the central positioned main screen, the rakes are passing on the front face of the screen as removing the front screened sewage.
The upper part of the screen, drop down the waste sewage, collected by the longitudinal guided plate to the belt conveyor.
- This rotary screen can remove the mass of the waste sludge by the large-sized
   rakes even in a storming water.
- A simple actuator allows an operator to handle it easily as well as has rarely
   a mechanical troubles.
- The reverse operation of the lower part of screen does not use a bearing and
   consists of guide rail, so that it does not caused mechanical troubles due to sand or

- Screen for an inflow channel in the large pumping station
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