Our Step Screen is a kind of fine screens, separating the sludges from industrial & minicipal waste water without any blocking the opening of the screen surface and without any special equipments, the screen is self-clened.
Nowdays we have been receiving much encouragements & cheering from all the customers and moreover, the good performance of our screen are approved & guaranteed by them as a advanced screen.

Step Screen is composed of a number of fixed lamella & movable lamella, shaped step (or stair) and assembled them in turns and connected to each bundle. Therefore, our screen has two screens ; movabled screen and fixed screen.

When upper operating system will be starting, movable screen also begin to work the circular movements between the fixed lamellas as upper side pictures and the screened sludges are conveyed upwards , step by step.

The more waiting time to stop the circular movement, can catch the more fine solid particles and acuuumulate much the sludge on the screen surface as a mat (called "mat" phonomenon).
Our step screen has the good performances; screening conveying, non-blocking and self-cleaning etc,.

1. One of the critical troubles of the conventional screens and blocking the opening of screen serface, doesn't occur
    because the circula movement of the lamellas between the fixed lamellas, pick & lift the screened solid particles.
2. "MAT" phenomenon of step screen, can strain more fine solid particles than the opening of step screen.
3. The maintenance & replacement of the parts of step screen are easily performed because all the operating system is
    located on the top of the screen. Especially step screen can be lifted easily by hinge system from the water channel for
    the purpose.
4. The installation works of step screen is very simple and so, the other maker's screens can be easily changed & installed
    by our step screen without any alterations of the constructions.
5. The flow capacity of the step screen is more large volume than the conventional screens, caused by less resistance.

specification ¦¢ model NT MODEL SM MODEL SL MODEL
MAX FLOW CAPACITY 20000§© 7940§© 12150§©
MAX DISCHARGE HEIGHT 6000§® 1920§® 3220§®
OPENING WIDTH 1§®, 2§®, 3§®, 5§®, 6§® 1§®, 2§®, 3§®, 5§®, 6§® 1§®, 2§®, 3§®, 5§®, 6§®
APPLICATIONS industrial & municipal waste water treatment plants, paper & mill
process, slaughter house, leather process etc.
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